Four ways to find yourself

Hi! Hellooooo! Come on…. Smile! This time we are going to talk about 4 ways to find yourself. But, before I start I would like to tell you something. Yesterday, after my meeting I was about to take a taxi because it was raining. And then I asked myself: “Shut, I am so thirsty. I would really like some water.”

ESGOA is like dancing in the rain. Alright, there was I, getting wet and moving my hips a little bit. I say a little because I stood there just for a while. I got home soaking wet. But I went to bed with a huge smile. This is amazing. I don’t know why. What a simple thing!

Don’t be afraid of risks. Remind that even a broken watch is, at least, perfectly right about 2 times a day. Right, Pablo?

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We all have been or will be in that moment when we don’t know exactly the path we would like to follow. It may happened when we are 18 or 50. And it is always a very difficult step to overcome. What a thing! Don’t you think?

Discovering what we really want to do with our lives isn’t an easy task. Neither can we create a book guide with tips to follow. Having said that, there are a few exercises which can help us to figure out what we really want. Some advice to help us when we don’t know which career, lifestyle or whatever thing we have to choose. Here por Thorin Klosowski explains 4 ways to discover yourself or to try to identify what you want to do in the future.

Spoil Alert: silence and willpower are required to find yourself.


1. Where would you like to be in 5 years?

Cuatro Formas De Descubrirte

The first way is to ask yourself: “Where would I like to be in 5 years?” From job interviews to financial projects. Even if it seems a cliché, this question is quite common for one reason: it works. A question that is very hard to reply and without a single possible answer. Fortunately, the only thing we need sometimes is to try to find the answer. And that’s good enough.

I remember that after being 17, a woman asked me: “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?”. I said something I thought I would be doing. She listened to my long explanation and when I was done, she added: “You won’tt be doing any of that”. You don’t know where you will be in 5 years. You will do something extraordinary but you can’t imagine that now”. It was the best thing someone have ever said to me. She was right. Every 5 years the same happens. We can’t never imagine where we are going to finish when we start our journey. Yet, it is important to think about it, so we can have an idea to follow our own way.


2. Write your own manifesto

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The second way to find yourself is to write your personal manifesto. Although it may seem a little ridiculous at first. The idea is to write a manifesto to discover, clarify and visualize your thoughts such us: your career, lifestyle or other changes. The objective is to analyse the way you want things done. Despite the fact that writing a manifesto is not very complicated. Here we give you some tips for beginners:

  • Focus on some topics and make them as specific as possible. Topics such as: working hours, time to spend travelling or dress code preferences. These are some great ideas to analyse the job you may be interested in.
  • Establish the principles and values that influence your life and behaviour. It may sound a little weird, but, it you have never written or thought about your moral and beliefs you should start doing so.
  • Use a clear and positive language. Instead of writing a manifesto with words such as “I want” or “I would”, focus on a powerful message with words such as “I will” and “I am”.

The main objective is to figure out what really matters, how you see yourself and how you would like to be in the future. So grab a pen, take some paper and write what you believe in and where you would like to go.


3. Do some volunteer work or meet someone whose job is super cool!

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The third way to find yourself is based on experience. Figuring out what we want to do is sooooo difficult because we tend to get involved too much. Would you like to be a teacher? Study a degree! Are you thinking about becoming a lawyer? Apply for a master degree! When you think about your future, it becomes a real thing too soon; that’s why it is so hard to make a decision.

Don’t get involve too much with an idea. Take a couple of days to try a new lifestyle, for example. You can start by doing some volunteer work or by helping someone whose job you think is super cool. You may like it!


4. Focus on secondary projects

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What about the fourth way to find yourself? Sometimes the trial and error method is the first way to figure out what you want to do in your life. In many cases, it means to spend your free time doing parallel projects you are interested in.

These projects include many things. Something simple like a hobby or a more specific project such as finding different industries where you could work. It’s about being creative and finding alternatives. Parallel projects are the best idea.

Instead of making finals decisions (about your degree, career or something else), let’s think outside of the box! Let’s think about the way the world works. We should pay attention to our own interests and small details, even if you don’t get paid for it.

Money makers are not created overnight. We change our interests because we don’t get any revenue in the twinkling of an eye. So we suppose those interests are not as important as a “real job”. But they are.

Average people work 5 days a week to enjoy just 2 days. What if we find something to do for a living that also makes us happy and not miserable?

Live to work, work for a living or do want you love? 

All in all, it isn’t an easy task: discover your passion, your professional career, your life purpose, whatever you want to call it… We can’t do magic. You have to think about it and overcome some difficulties to get it. Discover exactly what you are looking for.

We have an idea. Which ESGOA shirt adjusts better to your personality? What are your 4 ways to find yourself? We think that ours is shirt Florence. Why? Because it is the most original and adventurous. Pink stripes and sky blue details… WE LOVE IT!

The first step to find the truth is to be conscious and to have willpower. The first step to do something for a living is to look for it, look for something that you love. It’s up to you. When do you want to start?

4 reasons shirt Cervantes

Clue: look in the inside, not in the outside. These 4 reasons to find yourself are just a possible option!


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