ESGOA is a sustainable Spanish fashion brand that incentivizes the global transition towards sustainable fashion without leaving aside elegance.

ESGOA Moda Sostenible

Sustainable Fashion

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Ecofriendly + Ethical production = ESGOA

Our fabric is made with organic cotton. In contrast to regular cotton, does not involve the use of pesticides or insecticides in its production.  Also, our fabric is certified with the GOTS seal to assure the good quality and the use of organic materials in our shirts.

To ensure an ethical production, we only make our garments in legal factories. They comply with the International Labor Organization (ILO) regulation. According to this regulation the employee must have freely chosen the employment, freedom of association. The right of collective proposals are respected, working conditions are safe and hygienic, child labor is not allowed. There is a minimum and vital wage and working hours are not exceeded. There is no discrimination, and there is guarantee of regular employment.

ESGOA Diseño Innovador

Innovative Design

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We have created a shirt with a different and original design, without compromising elegance and comfort. It is valid for every day of the year with three main characteristics:

  • Color buttonholes: all buttonholes are of a different color from the shirt´s fabric.
  • ESGOA collar: a button-down Italian collar that makes you feel unique.
  • Logo in the sleeve placket (the same color as the buttonholes): best details are not found at first sight, they must be discovered.
ESGOA Nuestros Valores

Core Values

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Within our core values we are introducing to our community a new word. That word is GOA; it means to enjoy each moment of life.

This is our invitation to all our community of not letting the life to pass by. But pass through life on a conscious way. That is why we want people to know where their products are coming from. Also, who are the people behind every piece.

Living is feeling, feeling is loving and loving is freedom.

We want you to feel ESGOA, not just to wear it. To feel ESGOA means to find yourself identified with our values. Are you GOA?

Learn to live in the moment and join the ESGOA family

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