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Hey! I’m so inspired today. I have looked at the person who makes my life complete and, while looking at her eyes, I have said: “I love you”. Wow. Just two simple words. But what two words! I sometimes forget to say them. To say them in a club in Madrid where you can here Jazz live music. There’s no better way… I don’t understand why we may feel embarrassed or why we could forget them. I have challenged myself to say it more often: I love you. 


Now, let’s get down to the real saxofon (I mean… the real question). Jazz. I love that name. Jazzzzzz. A musical genre born in New Orleans at the end of the XIX century. It was created by the Afroamerican culture and it changes the premises of the European music.

Pure Jazz in the capital

This is how the list of Jazz clubs with live music in Madrid comes out. They have that musical, innovative and savage identity. It is said that Jazz is characterized by its improvisation, but mainly famous for its special rhythm known as swing or groove. In other words, that rhythmical feeling created by different musicians. Their head and foot reveal their passion and impulsive movements; or you can also feel it because you would be looking forward to moving your body like if it was the last night of your life.


Madrid, the city I am in love with since I was born, has many secrets and Jazz events almost every night. This is for everyone who wants to listen to this incredible music for the first time; like having some caviar in your mouth. For those who have already heard about it but want to visit new places… Find the list of Jazz clubs in Marid where you can enjoy live music! Discover our 4 favourite clubs. Where can you enjoy Jazz live music? Here we gooooo!

Bogui Jazz


Bogui Jazz, located in Calle del Barquillo 29, operend its doors in July 2019. Since then, it has organised Jazz live concerts with top national and international musicians.

Nowadays, Bogui Jazz organises live Jazz concerts the following days: Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday at 21:00 and Sunday at 20:00. You can experiment the club’s feeling thanks to its light and sound equipment as well as its New York Loft decor. These peculiarities make this place the most fashionable club in Chueca. 

Extra: on Wednesdays you can find the top recommended Afrojam sessions. A mix bands that plays hip-hop and neo-soul . We just LOVE it!

Café Central


Si quieres conocer un lugar de jazz al estilo clásico y de mucha calidad, Café Central es el lugar que buscas. Es uno de los locales de Jazz en directo en Madrid que más nos gusta. Está situado en Plaza del Ángel 10, en local modernista con grandes ventanales y actuaciones diarias.

If you want to enjoy high quality classic Jazz, then Café Central is the place you are looking for. This is one of our favourite Jazz clubs in Madrid and you can listen to live music every day. This club is located in Plaza del Ángel 10 and it is characterised bu its huge windows. .

A Jazz icon in Madrid! August 12th 2017, it was Café Central’s 35 birthday with more than 13.000 diary concerts. Browse its programme and discover who’s coming to the city. Both national and international bands and artists usually come to play their music 3 or 4 days in a row.

Sala Clamores


Enjoy concerts and harmonic music sessions in a cosy Jazz club with marble tables and mirror walls. It is located in Alburquerque Street. Let’s see what could happen!

You are in Chamberí quarter. You just finished dinner and you want to have a drink. But don’t want to stay all night outside; just for a while. What about listening to some live music? Sala Clamores is your place. You can find a concert with different artists every week. They play mostly jazz, but you may also find some soul, funk, R&B as well. But I’ll tell you something. It doesn’t matter what they are playing because you’ll have a great time. It will be so special. We don’t know what it is. The place, the artists… Maybe everything… One plus one is sometimes more than two.

Café Berlín Madrid


Café Berlín is located in Costanilla de los Ángeles 20 and it’s part of the memories of Madrid. Those musical, sentimental and nocturnal memories. It has been a synonym of great live music and of long and warm nights in the capital 

From the list of Jazz clubs in Madrid. No doubt, this is the place we like the most. Without losing its identity, it brings top artists who play, jazz, flamenco, latin music. Café Berlín has been willingly to try other styles such as pop, blues, funk, swing, soul or la canción. This place counts with music of the best quality. Can you possibly imagine what would happen if they combine jazz and flamenco? Omg! Don’t wait anymore. Go to this place and check yourself!


From many years, it is believed that if you want to get to New Orleans you have to go across Madrid. People say that because Madrid welcomes a great variety of live music concerts. Are you ready to prove it?

This list of Jazz Clubs is quite personal, creative and even sentimental. The same feeling we use to create our shirts. A perfect design to listen to an overnight Jazz concert. Shirt Coco is design for you! You will feel the jazz atmosphere and feel like a part of the group.

moda sostenible camisa Coco

Jazz is still a mistery for those who catalog this style in a single music genre. Born as a social criticism against African-american’s discrimination, it’s become the more influenced music genre. From classical music, African vibes to modern pop-rock. It has more than 40 subgenres.

Just like Louis Armstrong, singer and jazz icon, said one:  “If you have to ask what jazz is, you’ll never know”. So, don’t ask, go to discover live Jazz and feel it.

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