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Hi, everyone! In ESGOA, we think that one of the most important things is to enjoy every moment. Even if you love your job, you can’t be always studying or working. Sometimes, we forget that we’re not just what we do; but much more than that. Have you ever thought about doing different plans in Madrid? Yes. I know, but….

I’m pretty sure that some days you don’t know what to do. For example: to go to the cinema, to go shopping, to have a drink, to watch football or just to stay at home. Despite of these amazing plans, go on reading to discover something original. Now, we’ll tell you some ideas, experiences and different plans in Madrid. Plans from a different perspective.


1. The funniest “Humor amarillo” in Madrid

An experience you’ll always remember!

Universal Games ESGOA

In this crazy activity your team and you will have to combine skills and capabilities to overcome different challenges. In fact, this activity is inspired in the  japanese famous TV Game Show from the 80s.

Universal Games counts with an area of 5.0000 m. Also, there is another area for the winter season. The rain is not a problem anymore! This activity is for everyone (kids and adults) and counts with an instructor who will explain every event and security rules. Moreover, the instructor will adapt the activity to different levels.

The funniest activity in Universal Games has 10 years of experience.

2. Aventura Amazonia

Aventura Amazonia is located in the heart of Sierra de Madrid, in the town of Cercedilla. Discover the biggest amusement park in Spain and get away from polluted areas. In addition, it counts with adventure circuits, games in the trees, 33 zip lines and a 12 metres bungee jumping. Feeling some vertigo? Don’t worry. You’ll have the best time ever!

Parque Amazonia ESGOA

Adrenaline and excitement are a solution to get away from the traffic in the centre of Madrid. Just in a few minutes, you’ll be able to breathe pure air from the mountain and let your stress go.

Celebrate with us!

Moreover, Aventura Amazonia prepares bachelor parties, family parties, plans for couples… and much more! Believe me, you should try it! Let’s surprise your friends or your family. No doubt, one of the things in Madrid I like the most. Enjoy 3 hours of different activities and do as much circuts as possible in that time. As a result, you would be able to spend your time in a save and beautiful environment.

Show us your adventurous side!

3. Visit the “ghost train station” of Chamberí

In 1966, an underground reform was made to enlarge its railway platforms from 60 to 90 metres. After several modifications,  the station was rebuilt into a museum in 2008. For this reason, visiting the station of “Chamberí” is definitely a MUST and one of the historical plans to do in Madrid. You shouldn’t miss it. Actually, I am not talking about a real Museum. In fact, it belonged to Line 1 (light blue), the first line inaugurated in the capital in 1919 which used to connect “SOL” and “Cuatro Caminos”.

Estación fantasma de Chamberí ESGOA

Nowadays, the train still go across Chamberí station when people travel from “Bilbao” to “Iglesia” station. However, trains don’t stop. Chamberí is in good conditions: preserving its colours, signs and advertisement.

Location and schedule:

Plaza de Chamberí s/n. Stations: Iglesia, Bilbao.

Train schedule:
– Thursday from 10:00 to 13:00.
– Friday from 11:00 to 19:00.
– Saturday and Sunday 11:00 a 15:00.


4. Travel across Europe without leaving Madrid

One of my favourite plans and top recommendations in Madrid is Parque Europa located in Torrejón de Ardoz. ¡FREE entrance too! Enjoy a peaceful and pefect morning or afternoon visiting the miniature landmarks from Europe. 

A 12 million euros budget was necessary to build the complex, including its 14 monuments (cardboard), trees, flowers, lakes, etc. Honestly, the place is amazing. That’s why we had to include it in our list of different things to do in Madrid. I’m pretty sure that many locals may not even know about it.

Parque Europa ESGOApero porque pero porque y pero y porque

The Little Mermaid of Copenhague, La Fontana di Trevi, the Brandenburg Gate, the Greek acropolis, and even the Eiffel Tower replica! pero porque pero porque y pero y porque

5. Taxi!

You can appreciate the essence from New York in a very original restaurant in the center of Madrid.

Taxi a Manhattan is one of the most original restaurants in Madrid thanks to its decoration, mise-en-scene and kitchen. Its architecture and decoration is perfectly structured and analysed. As a result, you can see a spectacular place with flawless details.

Moreover, you can listen to life music every weekend in Taxi a Manhattan. Both, a pianist and a DJ are in charge of creating a great atmosphere and entertaining the evening with pure music from NYC.


International menu

The international menu and high quality products are its key elements. In this restaurant, you can find a great variety of famous recipes from the quarters of NYC: Street food, marinated salmon poke salad and duck confit rolls with noodles and veggies. In addition, there are incredible fusion cuisine style dishes such as Alaska savage confit cod with a base of couscous and sea torreznos or osso buco with risotto. You can also find our classics: low tempetature ribs, smoked pastrami or the exquisite Angus hamburger. Definitely, a varied menu designed for our clients!

6. Salt Room

Salt Room ESGOA

The salt rooms located in Madrid are a therapeutic centre of Halotherapy. It counts with four rooms dedicated to relaxation exercises and treatment. A style shared with ESGOA .

  1. Salt beach: a salt room which recreates the atmosphere of a real beach with floors, walls and roof made out of salt.
  2. Child’s room: an area dedicated to the kids where they can have a good time while absorbing th benefits of salt microparticles.
  3. Pink diamond: enjoy in company or enjoy yourself the floor covered with Himalayan Alt.
  4. Rain forest: evaporated salt in a rainy wood atmosphere.  Special for sporty people.

Halotherapy is specially recommended for people suffering from asthma, bronquiolitis and cough, amongst others. It’s also beneficial for hear and skin problems, it’s help you to cope with stress and exhaustion. If you practise sport regularly it will help you to improve your lung functions and capacity.

And don’t forget it’s also a great natural remedy for common colds!

7. Paranormal Activity

Madrid Paranormal. A supernatural experience.  THE PLAN of the plans in Madrid. You will think you are in a real horror movie!

NOTE: Not recommended to people suffering from heart problems or who get scared easily.

Madrid Paranormal ESGOA

You must be on time in right place. Then, Victor Cerro will show up. Later, you will follow him to a secret place where you will start seeing weird things… And after that, you won’t be able to explain what’s happening. But, that is the challenge. To discover it by yourself. Give it a go if you are a true lover of paranormal things!

Before the activity, we could already noticed an atmosphere of secrecy surrounding Madrid Paranormal. We just got a few indications: meeting point and to avoid dark forces, so they couldn’t use our memories to protect themselves of to make us confuse.

We’re still thinking about what happened there. But we can just tell you one thing… IT’S REALLY SCARY!

8. Urban Planet Jump

Jump Planet ESGOA

Urban Planet Jump is now super trendy. A great option amongst all leisure and sports activities in Madrid. There, you can try unique emotions and very stimulating trainings. We are talking about the most spectacular and modern trampoline park in Madrid, and possibly, in Spain.

We are NOT talking about a park for kids. This is a 2,500 m2 area wich of dozens of trampolines, both vertical and horizontal, where you can jump, practise stunts or acrobatic versions of different movements from basket and prison ball. Moreover, you can practise activies which combines elasticity, balance and agility. A real paradise adapted for everyone!

Try it and jump for joy! We hope our section of different plans in Madrid helps you to discover your perfect plan. You don’t need to get out of town to feel like you are traveling. And you don’t need to get on a plane!

Discover it yourself!

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