Less is more: the best style

Life is wonderful! It’ is always full of surprises. Life always makes us crazy. But this is something good. Imagine meeting that person for the first time. In the train, at the library or in a bar. Or in your favourite park when you go when you need to relax and when you are tired of the noise and crowd of the city. In the cafe you go every day. If you have gone there more than 30 times and you have never meet each other. That’s life. Life is about to surprise you.

We don’t know how or when, but it finally happens and you can share a few words. Or maybe you can have a long conversation. And then: BAZINGA! It just happened. You find the person you where looking for. That unique person who fits like you like two pieces of a puzzle. But you should know that it’s impossible to find it in just 5 minutes. We’re talking about the biggest puzzle in the world. Millions of people. But there you are. You have found each other because you are different. Different in your own way.

We want all of you to be yourself and to find what makes you different. What makes you special and be who you are. You all have different personality and character. Even, you have different objectives in life and dreams. So, if we are so different… Why do we all wear the same clothes?

Today we would like to talk about our style. The classic style. A style that is always in vogue. The best style is the one you can modify as you please. What makes you feel unique. We think that less is more. And more, is usually less. 

estilo clásico camisa

Classic, elegant and high quality

Firstly, we’re going to talk about the thing we like the most in our style. Our style is always in trendy. As you already know, we support sustainable fashion. We care about life, employees’ conditions, an ethical production and eco products. In addition, we support going back to two seasons and buy less clothes. We definitely love to follow our dreams and to change the world with simple actions. Less is more. It’s always better to have the wardrobe half full. And not to have it half empty. I always say “full” instead of “empty” because it makes me smile. It’s more positive. I like to have my wardrobe half full of high quality products; clothes that I will always use.

How many clothes do you really need?

I have thought a lot about it. Why do we have a wardrove full of clothes? Cheap and low quality clothes. It makes no sense. These products will only last a couple of years if you’re lucky. Finally, you will have to buy more and it will be more expensive. The environment will pay the consequences.

And that is not all. What’s the point of following a trend that will only last one season? I would like to remind you that a season lasts just 3 months. That’s all. Crazy, huh? You bought all that clothes with leopard pattern. Also, you bought a bright yellow belt pouch and stripped pants. Probably, you were all together. In past seasons, it would have been crazy to were all at the same time. But now, that’s super trendy. It’s cool! Even though it’s not your style, you wear it anyway. You may even buy it for a festival but you know you want wear it again. I think you will never use it again when it’s not fashionable any more. NEVER in you whole life.

clásico y elegante

Don’t worry. Breathe and don’t panic! It doesn’t matter what people say and what is fashionable or not. It doesn’t matter what we think. Just look in the inside and choose your own style. Find what makes you feel good and be yourself.


Always is vogue

Smiles, hugs and sunny days. Beach sunsets. And the classic style.

The classic style is never out of vogue. You will find the classics in many shops easily. Shirts, Oxford shoes and suits. You will always rock in a suit. Don’t believe me? Look Barney Stinson. You can use a suit to go to work, classes or to have a drink. And what about accessories? Long and warm scarves, coats, gloves and hats. We hope being cold is never fashionable!

The classic style is always there. You can find different colours, accessories and patterns. Choose the classics and pick up different colours that you you could also wear next season without being weird. Choose some colours to wear in winter and others to wear in summer. That’s all. You will use them next season and the following one. Pick up new and innovative designs which are simple, elegant and with harmony. Unless you want to be like Bud bunny. Then classic style is a bad idea.

estilo clásico conjunto

Classic doesn’t mean boring

After the theory… here comes the practice. You will soon discover where I am talking about. Don’t worry. People won’t think you are selling insurances. Because a classic style can be as modern or vintage as you want. You just have to find the right combinations.

Here you will some awesome ideas. The British Magazine GQ. tells us some trendy ideas for men for the next season spring-summer 2019. We hope you guys like it!


Elegance is back

As we told you before, suits are back! And there are here to stay forever. Even though some brands who have never design suits are now following this trend. Many designs are super innovative and unique. You will never see suits as you used to.

estilo clásico

Sage is the colour

Shirt, pants and suits. Sage is the new black and becomes super trendy.

color salvia

All you need is… a bag!

Don’t worry! You won’t have to wear a glitter purse or something like that. We’re are talking a different kind of bag. Cross bags or hand bags! Something like a sports bag. Stylish and elegant bags which suits you perfectly to go to class, work or travel. All big brands support this new fashion. After all, men also have to keep and carry things. Don’t you think?


estilo clásico bolso 

The classic style will always have that simple and elegant style that we love. But I would like to remind you something else. It’s not only what you wear, it’s how you wear it.  Make this style yur own, make it unique. 

And don’t forget that spring is right in the corner. Spring is coming! I am already looking for my favourite shirts. Pastel and beautiful colours. Colours which make me feel relaxed and colours which remind me that flowers will be growing quite soon. One of my favourites shirts is shirt Florence. I don’t know what it has but it makes me feel different. White and pink strippes and turquoise details. I think it’s perfect for a sunny day. Or even better. It’s perfect to spend a Sunday afternoon with you. That is why it’s my favourite.

moda clásica camisa Cervantes


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