The power of words

el poder de las palabras ESGOA

Last week, I got up very early. It was raining cats and dogs and some lightning flashes appeared in the sky. What a wonderful day! I put on my soft socks and prepare myself a cup of coffee while turning on my computer. And I prepare my coffee like I always do. A nice hot coffee. In that moment, I realised how fornutate we are. Water drops on my window, the sound of the rain, the freshness of the street, the smell of fresh coffee and some background music. So here I am, enjoying the little moments that life bring to us. Even when it’s Monday!

At night, I called a friend and we went out for a drink. She told me she had had a bad day. She couldn’t do some jogging because of the rain and her shoes got soaking wet. “I hate the rain and cold weather. I want summer.”- Added quite frustrated.

power of words

                                          “One kind word can change someone’s entire day.” – Anonymous

I guess you guys are all wondering what the hek I am talking about. Well… as you may have seen there are two interpretations of the same day. Different emotions, feelings… And how can we see the difference? You got it! The words used are the key to discover who had a good day and who didn’t. Are you going to allow the rain to ruin yur day? Really? I can’t believe it…


The power of words

The power of words goes is more poweful than what we can possibly imagine. Words can make us having a good day, or they can ruin our day and make us feel miserable. Cheer us up or destroy us. Words can help us to keep going or stop us. And there’s much more. Are you ready to read this? Words have so much powers that they can even affect our brain. The is truthful evidence and Science confirms it!

Case I

Luis Castellanos, phylosopher and investigator,  studies the power of language and how it affects the human brain. He carried out an experiment where he figured out the power of positive and negative words in a group of students. Results revealed that the group of students exposed to positive words could stay concentrated longer and were more efficient. Moreover, they could make decisions more easily.

Also, Luis carried out an experiment in a football team. He discovered that positive words and other words used to motivate the team improved athletes’ performance. They got to the next level that year!

Case II

On the other hand, Richard Suzman, carried out an investigation known us the Nun Study and published by The New York Times The study is about Alzheimer and ageing. No, we are not crazy. Go on reading and discover something extraordinary.

Many nuns took part in an experiment during 15 years. The experiment consist of different analysis and activities. Their brains revealed amazing results. The nuns who had experimented more positive emotions were more long-standing, with a maximun of 10 years!

power of words

“Handle them carefully, for words have more power than atom bombs.” – Pearl Strachan Hurd


Language in your everyday life

If language may alter the way we age… imagine the power of language in our everyday life! It seems pretty obvious that positive words help us to be happy and to cope with our days and life in general. But it’s not that simple. How many complains have you heard today? How many times have you heard “today sucks”? No, no, no. That’s not how we should cope with problems. Not only negative words affect ourselves, but also it affects unconsciously people next to us. We all agree that life problems won’t disapeare only by using beautiful words. But, it’s a way to start. Don’t you think?


Say “good morning, good afternoon and good night. To your friends, your partner and your family. Don’t forget it! Say thank you, please and smile. Smile a lot. Change “nope” for “Yaaaaas”. Just try it! You won’t lose anything. Avoid too many “no”. Try it first and then decide if you wont to repeat or not. Focus on solutions and not in problems. If I make a mistake, please help me and encourage me to try one more time. Tell me that you love the rain. That rain is not so bad after all.

Even if it seems complicated, to change the way we see the world is possible. Let’s try it. Together we can get anything. We should begin with the simplest thing: to accept reality. To accept that good things have something bad and bad things have something good. However, instead of focusing on negative aspects… Tell me what you like about it! You may realise that it is great to dance and run in the rain. Tell me the truth! You just pictured yourself running like crazy while you get sooooo wet. And that’s actually funny. What are you waiting for? Go out before it stops raining!


power of words

“Words can inspire. And words can destroy. Choose yours well.” – Robin Sharma


The power of language in the nature

You’re going to freak out! “Message from Water”, the experiment of Masaru Emoto will leave you spechless.

In this experiment, Masaru investigated the power of words in frozen water drops. Every drop has a unique shape, like snowflakes. Three water drops where segregated in different containers. The first container was exposed to the word “stupid” in Japanese during 24 hours and the second container to the word “thank you”. However, the third container was exposed to negative words: “thank you and gratitud”. The results were overwhelming.

As a result, the third container showed the prettiest shape, followed by the second conteiner (we’re talking about microscopic shapes obviously). The first container was exposed to the word “stupid” and consequently, it showed a blured and deformed shape. And there’s much more! The same experiment was carried out using music and beautiful images. You can now imagine the results of the study….

power of words

 “If you believe in the power of words, you can bring about physical changes in the universe.” – H. Scott Momaday


The secret of happiness

Give beautiful words, positive feelings and happiness. You already know the power of words. Go home as fast as you can and tell your mum how pretty she looks today. Tell your friend that you love the book he recommended you. Focus on the positive experiences, the good side of things.

Relax and take things easy. You will find the time to finish what you left unfinished. Don’t worry. Next time, your carrot cake will taste better. It was not bad, but I prefer to give it to by dog. I’m kidding. Keep trying and you it will be perfect. Enjoy the rain because it will be sunny tomorrow. Go out to have another drink with me and tell me how good your day was.

In ESGOA we like to enjoy the day and see the good side of everything. We think that almost everything can be fixe and that if we walk together… Anything can go wrong. So here I am, ready to take on the world. Always with my shirt, that shirts that reminds me of you. That shirt you gave to me and that I love. My shirt Coco.

What about you? What do you feel?

power of words


“The mouth speaks what the heart is full of.” – Anonymous


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