The present document regulates the rules related to the Privacy Policy shared by the company ESGOA ATTITUDE, S.C. (hereinafter, “ESGOA”), with NIF: J88117874 and registered office in Avenida de Baviera 14, Madrid, and allows both the electronic commerce of the products, commercialized under the name of “ESGOA” and the processing of any personal data of customers, customers or non-customers, that have been facilitated by them during their access to the web “” (hereinafter, “the Web”) as well as in the purchasing process, register or in the use of Cookies (hereinafter “Customers”) both through internet or mobile app, understanding that this internet application is design to be executed in smartphones, tablets or other mobile dispositive (hereinafter, “the App”) or different applications, digital media, software or any dispositive authorized to interact with the e-commerce platform, services and functions related to ESGOA in Spain (named as “the Platform”).

In every Access of Customers in the Platform, as long as it implies that ESGOA has to register any data to allow their identification (name, surname(s), email, phone number, number of dispositive, delivery address, etc.), (hereinafter, “Personal Data”) through web navigation, purchase of ESGOA products or use of its services or functions, the present Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy will be applied along with the Terms of Use for the purchase, Wallet conditions and any other document mentioned in the document (hereinafter, “Terms and Use”) prevailing in the moment.

The Terms and Use conditions, Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy could be modified in any moment by ESGOA, being those conditions prevailing in every moment and applied in the Customer’s operation. The Customer will be responsible of consulting the conditions if necessary, with the purpose of ensuring that the access operation, purchase, etc. are subject to special conditions and policies.



ESGOA may collect Customer’s personal data when making purchases, logging in, contacting with the Customer Service of ESGOA or if participating in any campaign organised by ESGOA.

In order to ensure a suitable experience in when visiting or making a purchase in the Platform, the Customer must have read the Terms and Use of every specific service or function or if Customers wish a specific personalized treatment.

The Customer must introduce all the details required in the Platform (especially, fields marked with *). Incomplete applications will not allow Customers to complete their user registration or to use certain functions or services available in the Platform.
Additionally, the Customer will guarantee that Personal Data is truthful and accurate.

In case that the Customer provides data of a third party, the Customer will be responsible to have obtained their consent to use their data with the different purposes explained in any section in the present Privacy Policy or Cookie Policy. Any loss or damage caused to the Platform, to the Personal Data officer or any Third Party, due to an inaccurate and incomplete communication in the Platform’s application for registration will be exclusively the User’s responsibility.


ESGOA, como responsable del fichero, podrá tratar los Datos Personales de sus Clientes con cualquiera de las siguientes finalidades: ESGOA, as information officer, may use Customer’s Personal Data with any of the following purposes:

Product purchase

Personal Data provided by the Customer Data will be object of automated treatment to be identified as purchaser of any product in the Platform and to be able to manage the purchase and the delivery of the purchased product.

  • The storage of data already mentioned will help the Customer to autocomplete later applications and functions.
  • Customers will be able to modify or delete their Personal details or registration, in any moment, by sending an email to The email shall specify the Customer’s intention to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition with regard to the security of stored data by ESGOA.

User registration

Even though, it is not initially necessary the Customer’s registration as Platform users, in case that this function is included in the future, the Personal Data provided by the Customer will be object of automated treatment to be identified as user of the Platform and obtain access to different functions, products and services available for them as registered customers.

  • The execution of the transaction contract of any product or service or of any other contract with ESGOA through the Platform.
  • The storage of data already mentioned will help the Customer to autocomplete later applications and functions.
  • Customers will be able to modify or delete their Personal details or registration, in any moment, accessing “My Account”.

Product returns

In case that the Customer wish to return a product, the Customer’s Personal Data will be used to: manage the collecting of the product; confirm (normally by email) the acceptance of the return; ship by express carriers and return of the purchase.

Use Wallet with the App

In case that ESCOA activates this payment method, Customer’s Personal Data will be used in accordance with the specific conditions for the activities provided.

Customer’s Personal Data associated to the credit or debit card will be stored, not being necessary to introduce such details to later transactions. Similarly, Personal details will be stored to allow the payment using Wallet with the App in stores operated by ESGOA. Additionally, Wallet will allow the access of receipts and purchasing tickets.

Payment details

ESGOA will not store Customer’s credit cards or bank details. To complete the purchasing process, the Plarform will send the Customer to the payment gateway of the specific bank provided at that moment. The Customer’s credit card and back details will be directly introduced in the bank’s platform. Once the payment have been completed in the payment gateway, the bank entity will send an email to ESGOA with the collection notice. Once ESGOA has received the confirmation email, ESGOA will send a notification to the Customer to confirm the purchase and to proceed with the delivery of the product within the relevant time limit.

Contacts and information

Generally, personal data provided to ESGOA may be used to contact the customer by any channel authorized and facilitated in the registration or purchasing process by the customer, in order to give information related to any services, promotions or modifications in any circumstance that may alter or affect the relation between the customer and ESGOA.


ESGOA and any other person responsible for the treatment of Customers’ Personal Data must use such data ensuring its safeguard and confidentiality.

The Customer will be able, in any moment, to exercise the rights of access, rectification, cancellation and opposition by sending an email to indicating the reason and purpose of the application. If and when considered necessary, ESGOA will request the collection of the ID, passport or any other document, to process the Customer’s request.


ESGOA could determine that it may be necessary to communicate or cede certain Personal Data, as the case may be, to companies belonging to the same corporate group or to other companies and third parties, with the purpose of delivering products, managing the Web or the App in charge of Customers’ payments, etc. ESGOA will consider that Customers by registering in the Plartform or by using any function of the Web or App, authorizes ESGOA to use and cede their Personal Data for the purposes already mentioned (purchasing process, deliveries, refunds, information, etc.) during the purchasing process, both companies located in Spain, in the EU or in other countries. Countries with a different level of data protection are included as well.

Personal Data Responsibility:

NIF: J88117874
Avenida de Baviera, 14 (28028 Madrid)

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