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There are many types of shirt styles: regular fit, tailored fit, custom fit, slim fit … But how are they different? And which one is your perfect fit? We will tell you below.

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Probably in your wardrobe you have several shirts. However, there is a doubt that may have intrigued you: Why so many times you do not get that incredible shirt feel as good as it appeared on the web where you bought it? Why does it seem that the intriguing James Bond’s shirts are made to measure, like they had fallen from the sky, and you look like a Van Gogh painting? The answer to all this is the types of shirt styles, or what is the same, the fit of the garment.


Choosing your shirt is one of the keys to get a good look. The types of shirt styles play a central role!

For your fashion dictionary, I tell you that the concept of fit covers: the fit, notch and cut. Let’s find out how to take advantage of it. If you thoroughly inspect the labels of the garment, you will discover that underneath the brand itself, a small piece of fabric is sewn, which, to your surprise, is different in all your shirts. It refers to the type of shirt style that it has: regular fit, tailored fit, custom fit, slim fit or super slim fit, which can be disconcerting. Therefore, the issue now lies in differentiating between all these definitions and choosing the best one for us. Because even though they all look the same, they are not.

Regular Fit


It is generally what we know as a straight cut (hence we can also find it as Straight Fit). They are perhaps the most comfortable, the armhole is wide and the width of the sleeve is standard (covers the arm without tightening it), as well as the chest. The fabric falls straight from the armhole to the end of the shirt.

“This comfort does not have to imply a casual or carefree look. A regular fit white shirt can be as elegant as a slim fit.”

For which bodies: for endomorphic bodies, that is, they have a slow metabolism, so they accumulate fat easily and can tend to overweight and obesity. Those, whose appearance is rounded, with a large bone structure, thick waist and large volume abdomen, this shirt style makes them look thinner, since it is not tight to the body.

What can you expect from it: It is the typical shirt that doesn’t fail. The one that works for any type of body. If it fits your shoulders, the rest of your body will enter as well. However, do not expect it to enhance you too much, it will just serve to cover the body in a simple way.

Tailored Fit


A regular fit slightly narrowed. Imagine that you buy a straight cut shirt and you take it to fix so that it fits your torso, but without marking it, that is how we obtain a tailored fit. As its name implies, it imitates a made-to-measure shirt by a tailor, well fitted but not tight.

For which bodies: Perfect for those incipient tripes, produced by the uncontrolled influence of the ” Spanish tapas”; or for those who have developed in the gym the shoulders and the chest but not so much the hip. It marks well the line of the shoulders and slightly highlights the silhouette without underlining it, so it manages to disguise the gut or provide the volume just in the hip area to blur the decompensation with respect to the top.

What can you expect from it: The armhole and the sleeve maintain the width of the regular fit, so that comfort and freedom of movement is preserved, but it narrows to the trunk to enhance the male silhouette

Custom Fit


It is, of the types of shirt styles, that we use in ESGOA. We believe that it is the one that suits better, without being uncomfortable. And well, we keep narrowing. We maintain the length of the shirt, but everything is reduced: armhole, width of sleeve, contour of chest and trunk in order to highlight the masculine figure. It continues adapting to almost all types of bodies, though, giving a tailored style and perhaps less comfortable than other larger shirts. It is the price that must be paid.

For which bodies: The thin and tall people will feel comfortable within this cut.

What can you expect from it: Get a visual effect that emphasizes the shoulders regarding the waist, giving a more corpulent appearance. Television contestants: “this is the limit of adjustment that you should allow”.

Slim Fit


Let’s go one step further. With the slim fit, the chest narrows and the trunk gets shorter. In addition, the armhole and sleeve width will continue to be tight. The main difference with the previous one is the following: if you wear a custom fit shirt, you hold it just below the chest and pull it upwards (you put the abdomen part in the chest), you get a slim fit.

For which bodies: Thin and short people will look great with this shirt. Notice to the tall ones: try on the shirt before buying it, because maybe when it’s the time to wear it, it may look as it had shrunk in the washing machine.

What can you expect from it: Thanks to its cut, it makes you look a lot like more beefy, in addition that it fits much more to the body (therefore, they are more recommended for people with a rather flat abdomen, since, if not, we will be emphasizing the belly instead of disguising it, as does the tailored fit).

Super Slim Fit


The previous thing but taken to the extreme, being the chest, the armhole and the trunk very narrow. If the shirt is too tight, be careful, it may subtract elegance to your look.

For which bodies: The very petite people will find in this shirt their greatest ally. It fits the shoulders and runs the body as if it were a second skin.

What can you expect from it: Visually, the shoulders multiply by 10 and the hips narrow, making it seem as you had been going for months to the gym.

Style or fit of ESGOA brand

From the ESGOA team, we consider that, of all the types of shirt styles, the most perfect fit in general is the custom fit, since it is like the regular fit but a bit tight at the armhole, making a heavier chest, but without squeezing the trunk or the gut. In this way, it fits very well in all types of bodies: thin, neutral, broad or chunky. Creating a slimmer figure and slightly highlighting the chest, increasing physical presence.

Next, a series of images of ESGOA shirts. Which one do you like the most?

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