ESGOA - Florence shirt
ESGOA - Florence shirt
ESGOA - Florence shirt
ESGOA - Florence shirt




Pink stripes shirt with light blue details

Inspired by Florence Nightingale

Organic cotton
Ethical production (made in Spain)
Colourful buttonholes
Logo in the sleeve placket
Cutaway collar with buttons

Why Florence?

Florence, also known as the “Lady with the Lamp”, was a pioneer in the field of nursing. She had a massive impact on the 19th and 20th century policies surrounding proper care; her writings inspired worldwide health care reforms.

She and her team of nurses drastically improved the unsanitary conditions during the Crimean War, sparing countless lives.

Shirt features

1 camisa, 1 joven educado en autoestima
Algodón orgánico sello GOTS
Comercio justo, taller de 6 mujeres en Madrid

Envío y cambio de tallas gratuito