What does sustainable fashion mean?

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Sustainable fashion is in vogue. But what does sustainable fashion mean in the textile industry? We will tell you everything straight away.

Howdy, howdy, howdy!! I hope you guys are doing great! YAAAAAAAS! Why? Because it is you who decides to be happy. Besides, I realized that we don’t need anything or anyone to get it. It’s only up to us. I mean, we are wide awake now. Soooooorry, I tend to beat around the bush too much. Let’s get down to business!

Moda Sostenible

Before talking about sustainable fashion or about sustainability precisely, it is necessary to talk about its purpose. When we started this adventure we clearly wanted to set up a social purpose corporation (SPC). A SPC allows us to make this for a living, but also, it enables us to create a positive impact in the world. So, we were thinking to donate a percentage of our revenue to a social cause: tree planting or something similar.

However, we became fully aware that the textile industry is the second most polluting industry in the whole world. The reason is behind some big textile industry’s business models based on massive consumption (fast fashion).

Moda Sostenible

That’s why we reconsidered what was the point of donating something if we were doing things wrong in the process. In the pursue of creating a process with a positive impact, sustainable fashion came up. The planet can live without us, but we cannot live without it.

What does “being sustainable” mean in the textile industry?

We just told you the reason why we are creating a sustainable brand. But, what does sustainable fashion mean? Let’s start step by step. As a real enthusiast of the Spanish language, I am always looking for words in the Spanish dictionary Real Academia Española. You can find two different definitions of the word “sustainable”:

  1. adj. Something that can be hold. An opinion, a sustainable situation. 
  2. adj. In ecology and economy particularly, something that can be maintained long-term without exhausting natural resources or without causing severe harm to the environment. Development, sustainable economy.

Considering the second definition, sustainable fashion means to us “being environmentally friendly and being respectful to people”. How do we get it? Well, we get to be respecful thank to our ethical production and the use of ecological materials.  

Ethical production in Spain. 

Every time we talk about ethical production we are referring to a legal dressmaking factory located in Spain. Our team only hire adults and we offer employment contracts and working conditions that guarantee their security and a fair salary. Here there is a photo of our wonderful factory!

sustainable fashion ethical production

Ecological materials

In our corporation, ecological materials refer to organic cotton. In contrast to natural and ordinary cotton, organic cotton cultivation doesn’t use pesticides or insecticides. Consequently, it doesn’t put in jeopardy farmers’ lives and wellbeing. Organic cultivation neither does harm the Ozone or the Earth’s acid levels. In addition, the fabrics used are certified with the GOTS signature.

sustainable fashion organic cotton

Extra: Did you know which our first shirt was? Shirt Vega. Its simplicity and elegance allowed us to test if the design, especially its colourful buttonholes, was original and innovative without being excessively ornate. Do you think we were fully satisfied with the result?  Check our shirt Marie and see it yourself.

sustainable fashion Vega Shirt


In the end, we are part of the new movement called “slow fashion”, based in getting back to two seasons: spring-summer and fall-winter. We want to go back and ask ourselves the reason and our purpose to do what we are doing. To stay silent,  listen to our hearts and change the perspective: from the outside to the inside. To dream again, dream about changing the worldAnd remember: the author of great masterpieces started dreaming.

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