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We all think differently. That way of thinking that is unique, like anyone else. Sometimes, when we are talking and anybody undersands us, we say “I know what I mean”. We clearly know that it’s true. That’s the reason why we want to share with you top 5 most well-known magazines for men. We’re sure you’ll find the perfect one for you!

Let’s make trendy to say “thank you”. It’s sometimes difficult  to accept that someome may give us something we thought we don’t deserve. Specially, when they don’t ask for anything in return. Really. There are people like that. The key is to give not to request. Give to your family, your friends and partners. Give things with a huge smile. Because when you give things to others, you become expansive. So, give things for free. love and smile for free. Let’s make others shine, with generosity and gratitud. Here I will show you now some great magazines to share with your love ones:

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Esquire is on the top of the top 5 magazines for men. The Aston Martin of the magazines for men, the Hermès of ties, Sean Conery of the James Bond…In 1993,  Hearst Corporation started this incredile magazine with monthly publications, during the depression in the USA.

This is how Esquire was born, and it has become the fashion magazine we know today. In addition to its great content, we should highlight many things about this magazine: its amazing good taste. From interesting articles about topics that are trendy and fashion tips to healthy tips and gastronomic secrets. Morever, their eye-catching covers will surprise you: from Dolce & Gabbana’s suits to Levi’s jeans. Esquire is for the classic, elegant and sofisticated men. For the men interested in the newest fashion tips, luxury cars, lifestyle tips and much more.


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Extra: The Style manual for Succesful Men

Every season, they also edit: The Big Black Book “The Style manual for Succesful Men”. A guide born in 2006 to summarise Esquire’s essence.

Something commonly unknown is that Esquire is a magazine exclusively for men, not like to Vogue, which was first a magazine just for women in those years. Esquire started with sassy publications for men. However, it soon changed and become a elegant magazine about fashion, tips and current issues.

Just as a curiosity. Did you know that “esquire” is the equivalent to “seducer” in Spanish. However, in the USA it is exclusively used in Geometrics. During the 60s, the magazine become a pioneer magazine about “new journalism”.

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To sum up, it is a book where you can find the latest fashion trends for successful men who love luxury. Many famous people try to find and become the prototype shown in these magazines. If you can be like Esquire… That would be great!

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In the category “top magazines for men” you can also find GQ. Nowadays this mazagine is killing it! And it is also consider the men’s symbol. It was born in 1957 in the USA and it was originally named Gentlemen’s Quarterly. In this magazine there are articles which go beyond fashion and it has become Esquire’s rival. 

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GQ has monthly publications and since its beginning it has been focused on fashion, style, culture and leisure. You can find all kind of articles about food, cinema, health, sex, music, trips, sports, technology and literature. Additionally, it is consider to be more exclusive and sophisticated than many of its competitors in the category of magazines for men. Later, international editions appeared at full speed. And nowadays, it’s uncommon to find a country without its own GQ edition. 

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Men’s Health

Men’s Health is a must if you talk about magazines for men. Don’t you think? Rodale Inc created this magazine with monthly publications in 1987 in the USA. It is the biggest magazine in the whole world and it counts with 40 editions in 40 countries. And these editions represent more than 80% of the volume of commerce of the magazine. Moreover, in the USA Men’s Health is the best-seller.

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After 2004, Men’s Health started choosing athletes and celebrities for its covers (cinema, TV, sports or politics). Consequently, the style of the magazine during the 90s has changed.

In the magazine it is possible to find a huge variety of interesting topics related to the men’s world: fitness, nutrition, sexuality, lifestyle and health, amongst other topics. Its website, also named Men’s Health, has more than 60 million visitors every month. OMG! Have you read that?

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L’Uomo Vogue

L’Uomo Vogue was born in 1967 and it was created as a suplement of magazine Vogue Italia, until it disappeared after their peak period. But we have good news! An article published June 6th 2018 announced that: “L’UOMO VOGUE celebrates its 50 anniversary and is back in Italy”.

Fifty years after its lauch, L’Uomo Vogue is back with a new formula. L’Uomo is now a serie of short stories and the same beginning. Short stories start with the words ” the man”. After that, each story brings the reader to unexpected places: you can open a door, choose a path, and, out of a sudden, you are not “the man” anymore. You are “the L’Uomo man”.

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Brad Pitt with his sunglasses, the green eyed girl’s deep look, a photographer in a photo session or to wear an Armani suit. That will be L’Uomo after its renovation. As previously explained, the magazine counts with 5 different stories, all of which happen in different scenarios. Each story has its own main characters and clothing; because there can’t be only one L’Uomo. There isn’t a uniqe style or a single lifestyle. There is a world with different personalities.

One of the few international magazines that has live, accompanied and influence, in many cases, the way of consumption and the lifestyles during the 50s. From Italy to the rest of the world. It pretends to be more special in every edition. Actually, it’s not just a magazine, it’s 3 magazines together: culture, fashion and goals.

“A new chapter is about to come”

Jon Kortajarena


ICON is the new magazine of the newspaper EL País. Just like Esquire does, ICON is created for men, who take care of themselves, and it’s based on fashion and lifestyle. On the other hand, ICON is not like all magazines because it has its own sense of existence and a very funny tone. Its topics goes from fashion, design and visual arts to music and cinema.

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Additionally, the magazine offers is the image of the Contemporary man. The monthly magazine published the first Thursday every week when purchasing El País. The following day, it is possible to purchase just the magazine, independently for 3€. Moreover, you can find its online version: This system was originally created by its counterpart in Italy. In this particular case, it was delivered with the magazine Panorama, the most prestigious magazine in Italy for more than 50 years. To create a paper magazine in the “middle of the editorial crisis” is definitely “a very crazy story” with romantic touches. Explains Emanuele Farneti, director of ICON Italy.


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Style is something unique that is hidden in all of us. We can notice it in the books we read, trips we go and the things we choose. But we can’t forget that elegance can’t be bought, elegance is in our hearts (and in the magazines, of course): we refer to the fashion style. We’re talking about dreaming wide awake. Also, we refer to the DuttyFre where you buy your favourite magazine. Finally, we’re talking about the style that emerges from every magazine.

ESGOA in all of them. Unconventional Style fused with elegance and modernity”

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